TRAK Electronic Services Company provides a warranty for the services performed and equipment delivered.

Warranty for the service provided:

  • standard warranty is provided for 6 months from the date of invoice for the service performed
  • the basis of the warranty is the proof of purchase and the warranty card, if issued
  • the standard warranty covers the repair performed
  • the warranty on the components listed is equal to the manufacturer’s warranty
  • the offer for the extended warranty period is provided on Client’s request
  • the offer for additional warranty conditions is provided on Client’s request
  • the warranty does not apply in case of damage to the warranty seals, use of the device contrary to its intended use, mechanical damage, damage due to electric overvoltage, interference (exceeding the operation envisaged by the manufacturer) with the device by third parties without the consent of P.U.E. TRAK Sp.J. representative.
  • the warranty does not cover the maintenance activities specified in the operating manual
  • P.U.E. TRAK Sp.J. will make all possible efforts to immediately remove the defect and restore the equipment to full functionality. The time limit for the removal of the defect and repair of the equipment varies depending on the availability of spare parts.
  • The Client who has the warranty right for the repaired device is obliged to immediately inform P.U.E. TRAK Sp.J. about this fact upon detection of a defect.
  • The Client who has the warranty right for the repaired device is obliged, after detecting the defect, to immediately protect the device against further damage proceedings.
  • The Client who has the warranty right for the repaired device is obliged to deliver the device to the service of P.U.E. TRAK Sp.J. on his own and at his own expense.
  • In case of an unjustified request for repair, the Client who has the right of warranty for the repaired equipment shall bear all costs related to the delivery of the equipment, its repair and collection, and in case of repair of the equipment at the user’s premises – the costs of repair and the travel of P.U.E. TRAK Sp.J. employees to the place where the equipment will be repaired. The request for repair shall be considered as unjustified, first of all, the request to remove the damage, perform maintenance or installation activities not covered by the warranty and the request for warranty repair despite the loss of warranty rights.
  • Any disputes arising in regard to the exercise of warranty rights between P.U.E. TRAK Sp.J. and the Client who has the warranty right for the repaired equipment shall be settled, first of all, with the intention of amicably ending the dispute. However, if this is not possible, or if it is unsatisfactory for any of the parties involved in the dispute, all disputes shall be settled in court.

  • Warranty for the devices supplied:

    • the warranty is in accordance with the manufacturer’s warranty
    • in case of selling the product with external manufacturer’s warranty, P.U.E. TRAK Sp.J. is not a party to the warranty
    • the warranty is valid if the Client has followed the manufacturer’s instructions as set out in the operating manual