Terms of use of TRAK services
1. P.U.E. TRAK Sp.J. operates on the basis of terms and conditions and price list for maintenance services.
2. The Client, leaving the equipment in the service, accepts these terms and conditions.
3. Computer devices are accepted for service at the registered office of TRAK, Stare Żegrze 50 61-249 Poznań, or the devices are collected by a TRAK employee at the place of work. In case of acceptance of a shipment order, the Client shall report the defect by filling in the appropriate TRAK company registration form.
4. The Client is obliged to provide personal data to be used for the purposes provided for by these Terms and Conditions and the management of such data shall be done in accordance with the Privacy Policy.
5. Shipments containing equipment for repair sent COD or at TRAK’s expense shall not be accepted.
6. The condition of insurance is that the courier confirms the contents of the package according to the given model and serial number of the device.
7. Each service order includes successive statuses:

  • assignment of the service number,
  • acceptance of the order,
  • a diagnosis of the malfunction,
  • setting the costs and deadline for the repair,
  • completion of repair – Client’s information, release of equipment to the Client.

8. The “Acceptance of the order” contains information enabling the Client to contact the TRAK service and check the repair status.
9. The equipment delivered to the service must be complete. At the Client’s request, the service centre may accept incomplete equipment, but in case the repair is not possible, the Client will be charged for the diagnosis of the equipment according to the valid price list.
10. The equipment admitted to the service is subject to a diagnosis to determine the exact defect – the diagnosis is free of charge, except for point 10a. and 10b.
10a. By giving the equipment for repair the Client agrees to repair the equipment without information about costs up to 165 PLN net.
10b. The diagnosis of solar and wind inverters is payable and equals 100 PLN net. The fee will not be charged if the Client agrees to the repair.
11. Any equipment accepted for repair is cleaned. Cleaning is free of charge. Otherwise, the costs are in accordance with the price list.
12. If the equipment is covered by the warranty, the Client is obliged to provide a proof of purchase or a warranty card with the equipment.
13. If the computer, disk, system or any other device or part of the hardware or software is password-protected in a way that makes it impossible to repair or check the hardware and at the time of acceptance to the service, the Client will not inform about this fact and will not provide or remove the passwords, then the repair time is counted from the date of delivery of necessary passwords by the Client.
14. The maximum equipment repair time is 14 working days from the date of delivery to the Service, in the case of repairs with a particular degree of difficulty (e.g. bringing in components), the repair time is extended upon agreement with the Client.
15. The only document which authorizes to take the equipment from the Service is ” ACCEPTANCE OF THE ORDER”. TRAK Company reserves that it does not issue a duplicate and is not responsible for the consequences of its loss.
16. TRAK Company shall not be liable for the data left on the carriers of the equipment accepted for repair, if the Client does not decide on the data archiving service. The software installed on the Client’s equipment or on the media provided by the Client is the exclusive property of the Client.
17. For equipment not collected after 14 days from the date of completion of repair, TRAK company shall charge storage and insurance costs of the equipment in the amount of 2% of the service value for each day of delay.
18. Computer equipment not collected after 60 days from the date of repair completion shall be forfeited to TRAK company.
19. TRAK company provides a 3-month warranty for the performed services, starting from the date of performance. In case of warranty repair, the warranty period is extended by the duration of the equipment’s stay in the service. Exceptions are repairs to the equipment after defects not covered by the warranty, which are listed below. The warranty covers only those elements and activities listed in the service order as performed by TRAK company. The Claimant is obliged to deliver the equipment to the repair centre at his own expense. In case of an unjustified warranty claim, TRAK company shall charge the Claimant with the cost of the diagnosis.
20. The TRAK company shall not be liable for the effects of bad exploitation of the equipment before it is accepted for repair or for damages caused when other entities than the TRAK company attempt to repair the equipment. Intentional removal or damage of the warranty seals and independent modifications of the equipment serviced at Trak company shall void the warranty for the service performed.
21. The warranty on the elements does not cover:

  • mechanical, chemical and thermal damage
  • damage resulting from operating the device under conditions that do not correspond to those specified in the device’s warranty card and the manufacturer’s manual
  • damage resulting from improper or inconsistent use with the manual, installation, storage or maintenance of the product and non-observance of the common rules of operation of electronic equipment, and in particular any other damage resulting from the fault or ignorance of the Purchaser
  • random damage cases regardless of the operating conditions not caused by the TRAK company
  • elements where serial numbers have been blurred or destroyed

Any disputes arising in relation to the performance of the warranty agreement between the TRAK company and the Claimant shall be settled first, with the intention of amicably ending the dispute. However, if this is not possible, or if it is unsatisfactory for any of the disputed parties, all disputes shall be settled in court.
22. In case of failure to repair, the TRAK company reserves the right to return the damaged equipment with slightly changed defect symptoms, changed mode of operation or not working at all. This is due to the fact that most motherboard chipsets are mounted in SMD and BGA technology. In addition, often a more serious malfunction can only be diagnosed after other invasive actions.
23. In special cases (failure more serious than it was visible when accepting the equipment, bringing in additional elements necessary for proper operation of the equipment), the previously set repair price may be subject to prior consultation with the Client. In such a case the Client may resign from the repair without incurring the cost of the diagnosis.
24. The company’s trademarks and trade names included in advertisements placed on the websites of P.U.E. TRAK Sp.J. are protected by law.