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Repair of frequency converter Mitsubishi Electric FR-F800 FR-F840-00126-2-60 5,5 kW
Product number: FR-F840-00126-2-60
Family: FR-F800
Series: FR-F840
Manufacturer: Mitsubishi Electric

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Repair of Mitsubishi FR-F800 FR-F840-00126-2-60 inverters

Mitsubishi FR-F840-00126-2-60 inverters are specially designed for pump and fan drives. They are also designed for heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) installations.
The distinguishing features of Mitsubishi FR-F840-00126-2-60 inverters are energy efficiency, simplicity, and safe operation and start-up. An unquestionable advantage, compared to competitors, is also excellent control.
Mitsubishi Electric inverters from the FR-F800 series, to which the Mitsubishi FR-F840-00126-2-60 frequency converter belongs, have many functions appreciated by integrators of ventilation and pump systems. The Mitsubishi FR-F840-00126-2-60 inverter has a built-in advanced PID controller. What’s more, Mitsubishi’s FR-F800 series inverters are able to detect the curve of an engaged fan or pump thanks to a unique load sensing algorithm. As a result, the Mitsubishi FR-F840-00126-2-60 inverter can detect a blocked pump, a dirty rotor and a damaged belt.
Mitsubishi FR-F840-00126-2-60 inverters also have built-in functions to keep the system in good condition. First, the pump cleaning and the mechanical resonance damping functions should be mentioned here. The function of preheating the engine, possessed by the Mitsubishi FR-F840-00126-2-60 inverter, should also be mentioned. It is used, for example, to reduce the condensation of water vapour or the freezing of pumping stations.
Mitsubishi FR-F840-00126-2-60 inverters are also equipped with systems ensuring application safety. In addition to the STO function, it is also worth mentioning the special function of the Mitsubishi FR-F840-00126-2-60 inverter, which allows you to work in a non-fire mode. This is extremely important in emergencies, such as fires, where the uninterrupted driving of the hoist motor or the pressure boosting motor is often of the highest priority.

Professional service of Mitsubishi FR-F840-00126-2-60 inverters

Our engineering department has been supporting HVAC services in the repair of Mitsubishi FR-F800 series inverters for many years. Adding to this, thanks to the experience of service technicians in the diagnosis and service of Mitsubishi Electric FR-F840-00126-2-60 inverters working in pump-fan systems, we have become experts in the field. That is why we are aware of the importance of Mitsubishi FR-F840-00126-2-60 inverters in pump and fan drive systems. To meet the expectations of our customers, we offer the fastest free diagnosis and reliable service of Mitsubishi FR-F840-00126-2-60 inverters – request a diagnosis.

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Our service groups can help you diagnose and repair failures in the facility where the application is installed. Contact us and make an appointment for a service group.

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