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Repair of Mitsubishi inverters FR-A800 FR-A840-00038-E2-60 0,75 kW
Product number: FR-A840-00038-E2-60
Family: FR-A800
Series: FR-A840
Manufacturer: Mitsubishi Electric

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Repair of inverter Mitsubishi FR-A800 FR-A840-00038-E2-60

Mitsubishi FR-A840-00038-E2-60 inverters are the highest performance inverters in the entire FR family. The Mitsubishi Electric FR-A800 series of inverters, to which the FR-A840-00038-E2-60 inverter belongs, is the successor of the highly appreciated FR-A700 series. It is worth noting that Mitsubishi Electric inverters from the latest FR-A800 series are equipped with a fast and efficient processor. Thanks to this, the Mitsubishi FR-A840-00038-E2-60 inverter has managed to achieve better than ever control parameters and response times. Certainly, thanks to these technological solutions Mitsubishi FR-A840-00038-E2-60 inverters provide safe and accurate operation in a very wide range of applications.
It is also noteworthy that in parallel to increasing the performance of the Mitsubishi FR-A840-00038-E2-60 inverter, care was also taken to save energy. First of all, this was achieved by adapting energy-saving functions to the system and application purpose.
An unquestionable advantage of the Mitsubishi Electric FR-A840-00038-E2-60 inverter is the integration of PLC functions with the inverter. This means a minimum of work for the necessary adaptation of the FR-A840-00038-E2-60 to the user’s requirements. The built-in PLC allows direct access to all inverter parameters. Furthermore, the built-in PLC, as a stand-alone control and monitoring unit, can perform plant management functions on demand.

Professional repair of Mitsubishi FR-A800 inverters

Mitsubishi Electric inverters from the FR-A800 series are designed to work in a wide range of often very demanding applications. Adding to the previously mentioned features of network communication capabilities, integration with positioning systems and extended service life we get a frequency inverter that can cope with the most difficult conditions. Therefore, Mitsubishi FR-A840-00038-E2-60 inverters meet the requirements of such applications as plastic processing equipment by extrusion, lifting equipment, conveyor systems, or handling and storage systems.
Considering how advanced an application element the Mitsubishi FR-A840-00038-E2-60 inverter is, we realize how expensive its failure can be. Therefore we meet the expectations of our customers and offer the fastest free diagnosis of the Mitsubishi inverter FR-A840-00038-E2-60 and reliable service. Rely on Mitsubishi system integrator and have us diagnose your inverter.

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